Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a strangers touch

i could sooooo relate to thise article....

when it really got me was "The first time I got a pedicure, I felt something similar: physical vulnerability, mingled with a lurid awareness of power—an Asian woman who didn’t speak English was kneeling in front of me, washing my feet. "
i feel like that each time that i goo.
i always get my tips and pedicure done..
i am the mosttt annnoying person to do nails for.
i have to have them perfect. all of them even all of them must me thin
and the french must be a perfect straight line
if they mess it up which all ways happen
i get sooooo pist for the fact that im paying to get a bullshit job done
nooo i dont play that

but thennn ... i start thinking since its always a 30 min thing

wow imagen i was them or like that was my mom
how much they feel having such annoying customer bossing them around
i felt like i was using them knowing that i paid
specialy when they do my feet

its like .. ewwwwwww feeet
i walk with these they are all over the floor and youhave to clean them as if i was like royalty (( thinking back in the days))

sooo jeaa i just feel these jobs are degratinggg

and when i get a massage
i think
welll im clean how about for the people who smeel and look like they havent bathe for days and the have to touch them


boOOOOOnus =]


i find funny how they plan to raise it to 8. 25 in 2011
when i think we should have that rate now.
With all the inflation that is going on .. it just seem about fair

they dont see that fact that we are living in a city and that
its expensive living here.

7.25 is going to be the new federal minimum wage


as new york state we have 7.15 ..
10 cent more wont make a different

and since they see they have to pay there workers more they will probly make us
work harder for those 10 cents more an hour

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

research & interview question

1) What is your research question(s)? In other words, what are you trying to figure out with your interview that will connect to course texts and themes? Think about our list of key terms.
You might have a few research questions: think about their relation to one another.

My research question is
" The status and emmotional labor that immigrant workers go threw in America"

2) Brainstorm a list of interview questions. These are questions you will actually use in the interview. They will relate to your key terms but may not include them directly (although they might). You want to have about ten interview questions. You might include follow-ups. Keep in mind that rather than reading down your list of questions, you'll want to adjust and add questions based on what your interviewee tells you.

My interview questions are
what makes you happiest in your job?
what annoyes you the most?
do the costumeres or the co workers stress you out the most?
if you were to win the lotto, would you go back to your country?
you dont think that going back to your country be easier for you to make a profesion?

who to interview??

2) We've read a variety of stories about work. Soon, you'll do a project centered around interviewing someone about their work. What kind of work are you interested in learning more about? Brainstorm people you know who you might like to interview. Ideally, they should have been in their area of work for a while, or have worked a variety of jobs.

I would love to learn about people in the pyshcology area because thats what i really wanted to be. But really i dont know anyone who is in this field. who im thinking about interviewing is either my mom, aunt, or my boyfriend. My aunt has been in the education deparment for over 19 years. My boyfriend has been working in a food service industry for 4 years but his been working since the age of 13. I dont know who would be more interesting but those are my chooses.

Monday, April 27, 2009

1) We've talked a lot about social and economic class. What does this mean to you on a personal level: how would you describe your class background, or your class as you were growing up? Rich? Poor? Working class? Middle class? What does the term you chose mean to you? How did the adults around you feel about class? Do you think there is such a thing as "working class" or "middle class" values? Have your values and/or political beliefs been shaped by class?

I consider my self a working class person. It means that my family and i work to get what we need and want. It means for me that we know the value of what a dollor is because we sweat for it. I really dont know what the difference between working and middle class is . just that there not rich. we go threw more struggels then other people ( except the poor). people feel tired .. were all tired of having to work so hard and not even see the outcome of the cashh .. we make it and it goes away in bills and everything else. i guess political values does change because if you rich you wouldnt agree with a higher tax rate on the people with higher income .. and if you poor you would want for all of us to be taxed the same knowing the wealthier can help you out.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

education= status

1) Many of the text we've read discuss the idea of status. Think about the communities you belong to - your family, groups of friends, neighborhoods, and/or ethnic communities. What gives someone status in each of these communities or groups? What do you think this suggests about the values of your community? Are they the same as yours? Do you aspire to status in your community - or to something else.

In my family education gives you status. If you have a education they see it as you will be somebody some day that you will not have a financial problem In the future because you have a stable carrier. It shows that you are smart and also have responsibility. For us it means you want to be someone in life and you don’t settle for less. You want to outdo other soo that’s why you go to college and get the final degree and you apply that same discipline in to your job. It also has to do with that fact that education will get you money and that along with money you get respect. I agree with what they think because education is the fundamental base of life you can pretty much say . You have the tools that you need to do something with your life. I do aspire status because I am trying my hardest to continue with school even after all the problems going on. I show that I am a strong young women doing what I do because a lot of people my age are becoming quitters.

my job .. ehh .. =/

1) If you currently have a job, describe a day in the life. What is your routine? What does your workplace look like? How would you describe the atmosphere? What changes would you make if you could?

I currently work in K.F.C. I usually just go to work after school. I get out around 11 or 1130. During that time I do cash register, drive-thru, packing. That work is maa exhausting. You get out of there so tired and cranky because severing people who are retard is annoying. Since I have a year working there I know how to do pretty much do everything soo they count on me for that. The atmosphere is tense. There’s a bunch of people lined up to buy chicken. And you see all the workers mad at the fact that there’s so much work. In winter is cold cause the heater is broken half of the time and in the summer like now... Wow its burning.. We have ovens fryers lamps and were running around and the a.c isn’t even enough... soooooo imagen the heat. I for one would make the pay higher because that will sure as hell give up more motivation to work. I would make the stress level lighter by hiring more people and that way we don’t have one person doing 3 different things at the same time.