Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a strangers touch

i could sooooo relate to thise article....

when it really got me was "The first time I got a pedicure, I felt something similar: physical vulnerability, mingled with a lurid awareness of power—an Asian woman who didn’t speak English was kneeling in front of me, washing my feet. "
i feel like that each time that i goo.
i always get my tips and pedicure done..
i am the mosttt annnoying person to do nails for.
i have to have them perfect. all of them even all of them must me thin
and the french must be a perfect straight line
if they mess it up which all ways happen
i get sooooo pist for the fact that im paying to get a bullshit job done
nooo i dont play that

but thennn ... i start thinking since its always a 30 min thing

wow imagen i was them or like that was my mom
how much they feel having such annoying customer bossing them around
i felt like i was using them knowing that i paid
specialy when they do my feet

its like .. ewwwwwww feeet
i walk with these they are all over the floor and youhave to clean them as if i was like royalty (( thinking back in the days))

sooo jeaa i just feel these jobs are degratinggg

and when i get a massage
i think
welll im clean how about for the people who smeel and look like they havent bathe for days and the have to touch them



  1. Interesting - I like how reading this made you think about the experience from the opposite point of view - that's one thing a good piece of writing can and should do!

  2. good that by reading the article,you can relate what you did to the people that serve you. be nice to eveybody that gives service to you eventhough you pay for it.